The Best Horror Movies Of The Decade

So, here we are for the best movies of the decade. It’s not been a bad decade, despite what some people might have you believe. Critics will often point toward the seemingly endless and pointless run of remakes, from 2 year old Asian movies to 20 year old American movies. However, just as the 80s had a lot more to offer than the low-grade slasher movies that some people always complain about, so this decade had given us some of the most impressive and extreme horror of all time.

There were a few trends, ranging from the bloodless PG-13 horror market that’s run from The Ring through to Twilight, to the so-called “torture porn” that gotten so many tabloids foaming at the mouth. Mostly, this decade has been about breaking barriers, from independently produced movies like Cabin Fever and Paranormal Activity that clean up at the box office to the sheer extremities of the French new wave.

So, in looking forward to what the next decade can bring us in the genre, here are my picks for the top 10 movies of the decade:

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The Worst Horror Movies Of The Decade

OK, so here we are at the end of 2009, and to break my unfortunate silence recently, I’ve decided to list some thoughts on what I consider to be the best and worst movies of the decade. Since it would be wrong to to leave the year on a downer, here’s my picks for the worst of the decade (after the jump). I admit I haven’t seen some of these movies since they came out, but these were probably the biggest disappointments I’ve had all decade:

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